MLG School of Music

MLG school is a curriculum based program that teaches young adult male and females, ages 11 - 18 an enterprising mindset. Meaning, youth will learn the basic level of what it takes to turn their ideas into a working business. Within this program, youth will be equipped with the knowledge of the appropriate steps to legalize their business ideas, as well as the research skills associated with the process of legalization.

MLG school isn’t just for the youth. Being firm believers in the concept of continual learning, all MLG staff have a list of over 30 online courses to complete as a duty. These courses will not only aid team members with the ability to operate the MLG brand, but also meet the minimum requirements to mentor youth in diverse fields.

Lastly, for anyone who wants to join our team, or wants to simply help out, this program will assist in that person knowing the start of MLG, seeing where we currently are, and understanding where and how far we are trying to go as a brand.