W.E.T. (Womans Etiquette Training)

Don’t let the name fool you. Albeit catchy, this name embodies the culture we hope to instill in the young ladies that complete this programs. Woman’s Etiqutte training will focus on assisting young ladies in training in the areas of, womanhood, how this looks internally and externally, the basics of fashion, styling, retail, sewing, and other industries. 
It’s no secret that our young women are seemingly just as lost as our young men, this program targets young adult females ages 11 - 18 in hopes of initiating positive development early in he personal growth process. Some of the topics covered will be (but not limited to):
- First impressions/image - walking, speaking with confidence. (Diva posture)
- Positive attitude and body language
- Sitting and standing properly
- Entering a room
- Proper attire for a lady